LEAP – Company Profile

LEAP ( Imbrilinx CC), was established in 2010 with Dr Gwen Theron as the sole owner of the enterprise. The work includes a variety of aspects at various scales of interventions. Dr Theron comes with a substantial experience in project management in a broad spectrum of public and private projects, ranging from large-scale regional strategic plans to small landscape design and detail implementation.

Dr Theron was the dynamic and enthusiastic Divisional Leader at Golder Associates for the Land Development Unit and before that the Director for Land Development at African EPA and co-owner at @Land Landscape Architects from 1996 to their merger with AEPA.

Gwen’s inspiring strength is her experience in all fields of landscape architecture, which has been nourished her work and studies abroad and by her theoretical knowledge and background as a senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria and numerous research topics and publications which she has subsequently applied in a wide range of projects in South Africa and abroad.

Her goal for LEAP is its development into a fully functional Landscape Architectural and Environmental Planning firm which focuses on the full spectrum of land development and direct services to clients.

dr gwen theron leap environmental

“Mediocrity within the industry is my aversion”.

Landscape Architecture

This entails the design and management of infrastructure, landscape architectural design, graphic design, construction documentation and construction management. Attention is focused on a diverse range of projects, including regional landscape character assessment, landscape master-planning, the creation of external spaces, residential and business park landscape, historic restoration, site reclamation, school grounds, educational and recreational facilities.

Master Planning and Urban Design

Master Planning, coupled with Urban Design, concerns the planning, design and management of the public domain (space) and the way that public places are experienced and used. Urban design is the art of place-making for people, concerning both the improvement of existing urban places and the creation of new, sustainable urban centres, districts and neighbourhoods.

Environmental Legal Processes

Impact analysis which includes the gathering and coordination of all environmental consultant information, permit requirements, the preparation of applications, compilations and criteria for review of information, and impact statements for both natural and built environments, along with the formulation of environmental management plans (EMP). This process also includes the assimilation of environmental information for the creation of environmental composite maps and sensitivity maps that inform layout planning and design. An extension of this include the post environmental authorisations, including the assessment and modification of the relevant EMP and environmental monitoring during the construction phase to ensure that the EMP is adequately implemented.

Visual Impact Assessment

VIA is the analysis of the changes that arise in the composition of available views as a result of changes in the landscape, and the overall impact that a structures / infrastructure have on the visual amenity. Assessment of the responses of affected parties and the identification of ways to mitigate detrimental impacts caused.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning entails the evaluation of the critical factors that affect development, including environmental analysis, physical site analysis, real estate market overview, community socio-economic analysis and public policy analysis. Strategic planning involves a pragmatic approach to financing, regulatory agencies and potential users.

Sustainable planning and design

Sustainability planning meet the requirements of clients by providing a sustainable framework for the planning and design process for long term application. The work includes large scale sustainable planning to assistance in Green star rates buildings. Gwen sits on the technical review committee for the Green Building Council.